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Hi new friend!

My name is Kimberlee, and I’m the woman behind the Faith Deconstruction site. I’m a newly-awakened feminist, mother of tiny children, lover of people. I’m a wife, a daughter, and a wanderer.

I am not afraid to face the doubts and questions surrounding faith, and I’m learning to live in this new world, outside of a traditional faith community. I used to see in black and white, until I recognized all the beauty and freedom I had been missing in the grey. 

I have become an outsider, a liability, a heretic and a backslider who is no longer part of the ‘fold.’

This is my story.

More About Me…

Fundamentalist Roots

I grew up in a very traditional, fundamentalist Christian home. Our family’s roots were grounded in the Plymouth Brethren movement, but we also moved through EV Free and charistmatic churches, before settling in as traditional Southern Baptists. 

For The Bible Tells Me So

The Bible used to be my ultimate foundation that everything was built upon. My life revolved around a rule book that was inerrant & 100% historically accurate. I avoided the questions that emerged from reading ‘the Word,’ until they could no longer be ignored.

Deconstructing Everything

5 years ago, I began the slow climb out of the evangelical world. I no longer consider myself an evangelical Christian, although I’m not sure what title I will pick back up and carry with me, if any. I’m happily reconstructing a new faith, and a new way of living in the world.

My Cathartic Practice

Writing is the way I process the world and my experiences. I have always felt a deeper connection to myself, and to the Divine, when I am writing. This blog is a memoir of sorts – a way for me to remember where I came from, and process the evolution of my faith.

“Set out, pilgrim. Set out into the freedom and the wandering. Find your people. God is much bigger, wilder, more generous, and more wonderful than you imagined.” 


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