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“Faith deconstruction.”

This is a phrase that can have so much attached to it. And because of all the attachments that come clinging onto a phrase like this, you may love or hate it. I know some people may embrace this term with warm and welcoming arms, knowing that this is a good and necessary process for anyone following a spiritual path. On the other hand, you may read those words and feel an uninvited guest, something akin to terror, start to make its way into your very being. Or perhaps you’re on the other side of the deconstruction process, and as you begin to rebuild your own faith or spirituality, you’re simply tired of hearing others continue to talk about the breaking down, the tearing and destroying.

Choose Your Own Words

So let me first say this: You are on your own unique journey, and if you don’t like the term ‘faith deconstruction’ – don’t just write me off – instead, I want to challenge you to think through the process in a new way. Because let’s face it, the phrasing is mere semantics, and you are more than welcome to substitute this for your own damn phrase. Here are a few possibilities:

  • Faith evolution
  • Shifting spirituality
  • Seeking more truth
  • Changing your perceptions of the Divine
  • Sifting your beliefs

Whatever words you choose to use, know this: It is a process. The process is your own. The process is good.

Why I Use The Phrase

I personally have decided to adopt this phrase to help describe my journey. To be clear, I haven’t always loved the term ‘faith deconstruction.’ These words have brought a significant amount of fear and more than their fair share of confusion. This phrase has made me feel unsteady, uneasy, and unsure of myself at times. And the words have not only impacted me personally – they have also sparked debates between myself and some close family members who have seen my journey through the lens of fear.

But at the same time, I also love this phrase, because it represents a beautiful chapter of my story; a chapter that has breathed life to my soul and given me incredible freedom.

Deconstruction is a process. The process is your own. The process is good.

So whatever words you choose to pick up, adopt, and use to describe your journey and your experience, remember that this is going to be a process. It’s not about reaching a particular destination or arriving at a final marker that proves you have completed your faith shift experience. The moment we think we have ‘finished’ our deconstruction process, we do a disservice to ourselves. May we always be ever de- and re-constructing our belief systems, our ideas, and our views of the world, and our faith. May we continually seek to learn, grow, change, evolve, and shift in the way we approach ourselves, the Divine, our world, and the people around us.

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