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In this space… you do not have to have all the answers. You do not need to feel secure, stable, or established in your beliefs. Here, questions are encouraged, doubts are embraced, and wandering is welcomed.

If you are leaving behind a comfortable, secure faith where you had all of the answers and knew what to expect from God…
If you are feeling the effects of toxic or abusive religious patterns or people…
If you are contemplating walking away from a community where you have always felt safe and accepted…
You are in the right place here.

Friends and fellow-wanderers, please know that you are not alone. There are so many of us in the wilderness of life after church/faith/religion/security___ (insert whatever it is that you have left behind in exchange for the unknown).

And if you are considering starting your own journey of faith deconstruction, I urge you to consider this inspiring mandate from one of my favorite authors, Sarah Bessey: “Set out, pilgrim. Set out into the freedom and the wandering. Find your people. God is much bigger, wilder, more generous, and more wonderful than you imagined.”

Sometimes it’s the ‘setting out’ that is the hardest to do. When you prepare yourself to leave something behind, fear and anxiety may decide to take up rooms in your home, staking a claim to your mind and intentions. This tag-team duo may even be so strong, to the extent that they become debilitating partners, blockading the door and causing you to remain right where you are. I certainly did not enjoy that contemplation stage, when I was thinking about leaving the comfort and security of my established home church and community, and the thought of giving up my set of infallible beliefs, in exchange for the wide open wilderness that I could not control. It was fucking terrifying. So if you are feeling fearful or doubtful of this whole process, believe me, I get it.

“Set out, pilgrim. Set out into the freedom and the wandering. Find your people. God is much bigger, wilder, more generous, and more wonderful than you imagined.” ― Sarah Bessey

But I firmly believe that in our setting out, we are inviting something incredibly powerful into our lives. By giving up the secure, the known, the comfortable, and the sure, we open ourselves up to receiving something much greater and potentially life-altering. Don’t let the fear of the wilderness hold you back. Don’t allow the seductive idea of safety hinder your first tentative steps away from what you have always known and believed to be true.

So set out. Take that terrifying, tenacious first step. And then the next. And the next. Until pretty soon you may find yourself running wildly through the beautifully untamed wilderness, your feet connecting to the ancient earth, and your face feeling the healing breath of the Divine, as you open yourself to something you never would have experienced had you stayed behind in the safety of your man-made structure.

This invitation is for you.

Your wandering is welcomed here.

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